Reviews for "Tf2: Meet the Pyro"

LUL, Scout

Saw this on YouTube, and I just wanna say... Scout, you make me LOL.

"Get on the freakin' point, dumbass!!"


Did you do it in Serif draw plus ??? Then you#r just like me

This is great

its exactly how i'd see Pyro's Meet the. You sir, have won yourself 10/10 5/5

... It's SHE!

If you own Team Fortress 2, and have the latest update, and have seen the place where you can beat old records on the front page, the pyro will be like this: Why dont you give her a shot?

night-raider responds:

Yeah I saw that. All I can say is how far off my cartoon will be from Valve's video when they get around to it. Sadly, I had no idea when I made this.