Reviews for "Tf2: Meet the Pyro"


describes the pyro very well!

this is exactly like the pyro itself,he can be more eficient than all the other classes can,most of the times,10 out of 10 stars for this :D

to: spyi9

actually, no one is sure if the pyro is male or female.. valve never said anything about it.
But it's a great flash, made me laugh the same as the official 'meet the' movies valve made for the other characters. great job :P

Not bad at all

I mean sometimes I think it took itself too seriously, and it was hard to hear the voices, but it was done extremely well. The humor was well timed, you captured well how TF2 works and how people would innately react. Scout acting completely awkward and the pyro clicking on his flamethrower was just perfect... lol! (I'd say fail spy... but it's really difficult to pull off a spy. It would help if disguise actually made you imperveious to damage besides fire)

Very well done man.

the pyro is a girl not a male

i hate this flash for a reson *takes a breath* the pryo is not a male shes a female >:-(