Reviews for "Tf2: Meet the Pyro"

pretty good!

i loved the dialog but the people could use a bit more detail

night-raider responds:

Story of my animating career...

Ha :)

I likked it.Liked it alot.

Yeah the animation could have been way better but meh it was above averege.
It was hiliarous how he keeps turning on and off the flamethrower.
And implying he will 'burn out" the spy with the flame thrower,with no regards to his team members...an inch away from him.

Keep it up!

night-raider responds:

I was hoping some people would get that little running joke. Thank you for that.

Burn them gangstas!

As far as I'm concerned, the editing was the downfall. Your audio needs to be a a little bit cleaner, and better equalized throughout; tt was very hard to hear the sniper's voice over the background.

Pretty cool until it got to the end with the random TF2 logo in there. I'm pretty sure by the description and the content people know its TF2... you don't need to promote a game that isnt yours so blatently.

night-raider responds:

No, I didn't need to. But I did because I wanted to emulate the official videos as close as I'm capable of. So if they have it in theirs, I do in mine.

Pretty good.

I really, really did not like the Sniper's voice, and the animation could use a little touching up, but it has a good idea. I liked teaching thing, but more overall finesse was required. Good job, though. Hope to see more.

night-raider responds:

That voice is difficult to do. It's a British guy trying to do Australian. Which makes me a Canadian trying to do British, trying to do Australian. You should hear the takes that I had to cut.

Really Great!

I loved the whole animation as a whole, but you could touch up on the drawings a tiny bit. Better then what i can do, but a little lopsided here and there.
I love the start of a spy check, and the cut of was well placed, but maybe you could have done another clip with the whole process. anyway, really well done. keep it up!

night-raider responds:

Yeah I guess I could have, but that wont leave much to the imagination. Glad you liked it.