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Reviews for "Jodi Arias"

A little disturbing...

CHIBIWEEWEE what the f is this haha. I'm a little confused but I will google it because now that I have seen this I am intrigued. Amazing voice acting 10+ looks like you put a lot of time into this!


WTF?? AWESOME !!! HE HE absolutly disurbes FRONTPAGE!! ha ha X3

what to say?

pure genius


The animation style was pretty cool, but the voice acting is what makes this flash funny. I loved how it seemed like you just picked up some microphones and said random stuff about Jodi Arias. The "I need a cartoon to tell me it's true" was hilarious, and the re-enactment had me laughing like crazy. Actually, the whole thing had me laughing like crazy.


one of the shittiest things i have ever watched, but it takes a fine mind to appreciate the humor in this. well done