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Reviews for "Jodi Arias"


So aspects of it were good, and were animated quite decently, others were done lazily, such as the blood.

Oh...right that reminds me, WTF is this!?

this was bad

it had no joke, and was not funny. the animation was sometimes just a picture, without any moving lips or anything

It wasn't that bad

I mean, it doesn't deserve a 1.88/5 score. It's randomness and satire combined.

Yes, the artwork isn't fabulous, but the way the whole flash-animation is structured... well, it's not meant to be.

The murder scene was screwed up :o)

4/5 <-- I should be a 3, but I want to boost the score a little

P.S. I especially loved:
"I don't believe it... I need a cartoon to tell me this is true"

I though this was actually good.

The style may nto be everyone's cup of tea, but technically it's better than half the stuff that makes it thru.


That shit was crazy