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Reviews for "Jodi Arias"


for some reason this reminds me of egoraptor

i agree...

with janus. what is newgrounds turning into that this talented flash has but a 2.5? i guess when word gets out about a cool website *Ahemmyspace6yearsagoahem** fuckin tools just come in a wreck it. this shit is what newgrounds is all about.

out of nowhere

Random question I know, but the ambient-ish music that plays in the end, who is it by?

Anyways, the voices really sell this stuff. The art has quite the novelty :)


The fact that this has a current score of 2.04 is everything wrong with newgrounds.

And the world, for that matter.

Kick ass

Greatest thing to ever come to the internet. It's literally criminal to rank something as awesome as this so low... It should have at least gotten 3rd place weekly... Oh well, underrated stuff is the greatest stuff.

You won all my 10s for the laughs and plus for originality.