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Reviews for "Jodi Arias"

this is funny

why does this have such a low rating ive made worse then this and got higher ratings?!?! this is funny, its bizzare!

pretty funny

yeah its funny, i agree with LPenguin, it does sound like dane cook would say this in his stand up comedy.

um yeah...

The animation was good and the voice acting was 50 50 when it was understandable. effort was obviously put into it and was probably improved. but to me it seemed like a really dragged out dane cook joke.


Random, makes no sense...just the way I like it. Granted, there wasn't anything even coming close to resembling a plotline, but, meh. I've seen worse. 6/10 for kind of making me laugh...

And Jodi Arias? I googled her ass.


And funny. So the random is good. Nice purple dick by the way. That alone should make you Newgrounds weekly underdog.