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Reviews for "Jodi Arias"


but it was funny

that was ok

it's different part ofr it was funny somev of it kinda lame but u did a gud job on it so the fools who rate 0 are possibly so up their own arse they don't have the ability to realise whats good. nice work.

Not bad

I think normally I would give something like this a bad review, but despite having no idea what the hell really happened, I thought it was pretty amusing. I don't think it deserves an 8, but I don't think it deserves a 0 either.

Not Bad

The animation was suitable and the voice acting was phenomenal. Too often i hear grown men whisper into the microphone because of their overwhelming insecurity and it destroys some of the best flash artwork around. Not to mention that the whole thing flowed together very well. I think the army of noobs below me forgot how to criticize properly as well as how to spell. I found the overall craftsmanship of this flash to be sexually satisfying, but most of these users don't know what that feels like so they rate 0 ;)

i liked it

Its funny and the voice acting voice funny.

It reminds me of another flash animator. Ramdom animation and shouting. someonne awesome