Reviews for "Ragdoll Man"

Too glitchy

you should make sidewalls and you should make it less glitchy.
i'm voting six cause it's your first game.

Rawnern responds:

Yeah, In the next version, but I haven't too much time irl to make games.

It didnt load...Maybe It Did I Dont Know.

If this flash is just about 1 guy falling down , dont like.
But when I have read the other reviews I realised that this flash could contain more , I didnt want to give 1,2 to lower your score.
It didnt load for me...

pretty fun

but you need to make walls you throw it outta bounds then oyu goota start over

Not bad

Pretty good ragdoll. The biggest problem I noticed is that the head seems way too detached from the body at times. Aside from that, I would just say it needs a better environment. Good job.

Rawnern responds:

Yes. Thanks!


why does his go all spazzy?!!