Reviews for "Ragdoll Man"

Physics are fun.

I enjoy toying with simple physics like this. It's a great distraction. He could use some walls to slam against/bounce off of though (since he just flies off the screen otherwise and it's kind of game over from there).

it's good

add walls on the sides, add weapons, add achievements, and make it a bit more colorful. it needs a sky and the ground needs to be more detailed. love the SFX and it has very smooth graphics. good job!

Rawnern responds:

Tanks for the tip, I may add some more things.

haha much work to this game is completed,much bugs

lenge leve nordmen og dårli spill lagere :D

Rawnern responds:

Vis litt respekt, mann!


not smashing threw walls thou still good
"fireworks" put the doll on top of blue thing then press space on top of him bloody firework men

again i made him dance trolol :3