Reviews for "Ragdoll Man"

Pretty good

But its kinda classical and also, if you pull the stickman down his head can get stuck and you can throw him out of the screen, maybe a invisible wall could fix that other than that it was good

Too glitchy

you should make sidewalls and you should make it less glitchy.
i'm voting six cause it's your first game.

Rawnern responds:

Yeah, In the next version, but I haven't too much time irl to make games.

A game?

but it's uninterective.


Just one thing though... if you take him by his hand and drag off the bottom of the screen he goes mental. Other than that, it is a very satisfying game.


its a good idea but ive seen the same thing elsewhere and all that you did was make the ground different and move the walls which means if he goes off screen you cant get him back.