Reviews for "Ragdoll Man"

its just about throwing the stickman around :/

you need to a more interactivity or this game is useless. and the doll doesnt collide with the sides...

Rawnern responds:

I know it's needs more work, but tanks for reviewing.


Simple, I like it. really good first game

Rawnern responds:

Tanks for the score, man!


Yeah, very good and simple game!
The ground was nice! :D

Rawnern responds:

Tanks, MrDavider! :D


Pretty cool, but the doll goes off the screen at times. You may want toadd a scoring system or something to progress with. Good luck and keepit up!

Rawnern responds:

Tanks, I may update the file some time.

not so

it was ok for a first game but it has no objective. and if u throw him off the side, he doesnt come back. lol good start though. keep moving forward :]

Rawnern responds:

I know... I just used this for a sort of a test, but tanks for reviewing anyway...