Reviews for "Ragdoll Man"


its a good start. but u got to make it more original then the others to make it to the the top


make it so you can edit the ragdoll and put in some cloaks and stuff so you can be like superman to the resc ouch!

Rawnern responds:

When I learn more flash, I may make more to the game.

it's good

add walls on the sides, add weapons, add achievements, and make it a bit more colorful. it needs a sky and the ground needs to be more detailed. love the SFX and it has very smooth graphics. good job!

Rawnern responds:

Tanks for the tip, I may add some more things.


Nice first game :D

Rawnern responds:

Hehe, tanks!


You dig great! How did you do that though? Did you use a tutorial from a website? I have been wanting to make something like that for a while.

Rawnern responds:

I think it's just to search on Google after any tutorials, but tanks for the score and reviewing.