Reviews for "Ragdoll Man"


good first try, would be better if it has a world point highscore hing or unlockables, otherwise it is good


Fun game (id call it more of a widget actually), you need to put some objects in there as well so you have more things to wack your doll man on, i also think you could have some SFX in there "oh, ah, you broken my butt", you could also add another ragdoll in there and you could juggle them or colide them. The physics are not bad and the animation i alright.

It didnt load...Maybe It Did I Dont Know.

If this flash is just about 1 guy falling down , dont like.
But when I have read the other reviews I realised that this flash could contain more , I didnt want to give 1,2 to lower your score.
It didnt load for me...


very good for a first flash

Rawnern responds:

Tanks! :D

Oddly satisfying

There are a few glitches with the rag-doll and the lack of a background or objects in general makes it dull after a short while.

I appreciated the sound effects and the blood spatter effect that makes the bashing of the poor ragdoll ever more appreciated :o).

Good for anti-stress.