Reviews for "Ragdoll Man"


I loved this game, and I want to make a rag-doll game. I was wondering if you could tell me how you did it. Or a tleast send me a PM with the codes that I need.


Rawnern responds:

I'm not giving you the source code. But I can provide you some physics tutorials.


im not yet giving you oh ya i will give u but why is ti so slow to load.......................

Rawnern responds:

Slow internet conection?


wow this kind of game ussually gets low reviews from but it was entertaining. it killed like 10 minutes and it was cool.......i was sorta sad though when i glitch threw my ragdoll up in the left side of the screen and disappeares.....o well good game dude.

Rawnern responds:

Thanks for the kind words dude!

lol glich

it glicht so the rag doll is in the wall it was funny love it

Rawnern responds:

Thanks for enjoying the game!

Oh dear, ANOTHER ragdoll game.

It's an open-source engine, which you claim to have made. Graphics were also terrible. (Yes, I do know that this will be flagged as abusive)

Rawnern responds:

Just keep in mind that most of the people who play this game, like it.