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Reviews for "The Dying"

Very well done ! 5Stars

Really seems to be a calming tune and has a winter feel to it as if you were in the middle of the snow and looking for a warm place to just get out of it and be able to relax and warm up. Very nice song.

The main synth has a nice reverb sound to it as if bouncing off speakers and the such for a moment as each notes goes away while a new one appears and helps the song move along and keep going further. Very beautiful synth.

Then the secondary synth plays out on some higher notes with no echo, just kind of gives a feeling of someone wandering by wondering if you are there and wanting to help you out. The drums are nice, simplistic, and the claps give a good vibe to the song.

Overall, I think this song would be really nice to relax to. Beautiful composition!

Review Request Club

I really like the sound of the bass line here. It has a very deep sound and it creates a very nice atmosphere. I'm sure this would sound amazing in a club.

However, I think the song could use some more variation. The bass line stays the same for allmost the entire song, and this can get really annoying. Especially since there isn't that much else to listen to. Some melodies here and there, but they aren't enough to prevent this song from becoming repetitive.

{ Review Request Club }

Getting there, but it needs a little something else.

Right from the get-go, this piece needs a little something else. The bass lacks in depth and power, which would see an easy fix, for the duration of the piece. If you do that, the track would have more body to it, with immediate affect. The second major point that grabs your attention is the repetitive nature of the track - there can be a lot done to the piece, by adding a solo or a modulation, but this has the markings of being quite similar the whole way through. Either the changes are too subtle, or it hasn't been changed enough.

You've produced a good sound, with a decent variety of instruments, so keep that part up, perhaps even venturing to add more. As the piece is house, it can always stand to be a little longer, perhaps even knocking on the door of six minutes, without really seeming too long, so have a go with that, this sort of thing leads to an increased need for variation, so be wary of that, though.

[Review Request Club]

Hmm, a house song. Ok, let's see this!

The good:
-Very well-mixed.
-Cool chording.
-Very nice melodies.
-Whoah. Awesome "explosion" at 1:45, where'd you get that/how'd you make it?

The not-so-good:
-I've heard that rhythm with plucks that you've used so many times that it's stock - perhaps try something a little different?
-Some of the chords seem to blend into each other, causing a little bit of phasing that doesn't quite work and seems dissonant, which isn't good considering the nature of the song. This occurs at 0:37-0:46 initially.
-1:15 is a little bit late to introduce the melody, even for a house song.
-There simply isn't enough variation - there's only one real chord pattern, and it gets old pretty fast. There is also only one rhythm, which as I said, is pretty much stock for techno/house/dance songs at this point.
-I don't hear any bass-basslines. The pluck could be the bassline, I suppose, but there's nothing below that, and it's fairly mid-ranged (granted, it does have one sub-bass).
-You might want to try out some other kinds of synths, all of these sound pretty much the same.

Ok, overall. I think you need (A) more variation in chords, rhythms, and melodies, and (B) to spend more than 1 day on making a song. I'd spend more like, a week on a song to make sure it's as perfect as I can get it - unless I have fewer instruments and a REALLY good idea of what I want to do already in mind.

-Review Request Club-