Reviews for "Green Moon Lab"

lol portal much

but you worked hard so gg 10 10

How i made it work

I had problems playing the game at first. The game didn't work when I clicked New Game, but try instead to click on continue.

Hope it helps you


original, creative and difficult. These types of games are the reason my psych professor has only gotten half of the assignments.


This Is A Awsome Game! You Should Enter This In The Pax Convention.
This Things The Think You Should Add
*Better Death Animation "When He Dies Since With Gravity Makes A Body Entity so he floats , or gets cruched,cut up, squied,etc.
* LVL 18 Easier "imposable:
*Sandbox "Alowing People To Make Their Own Map To Post with The World"
*Spike Balls = Fail :P
*Runing"For Some Reason maybe its just me he walks slow"
Other THen Them Great I Hope You enter This Into Pax It Is Realy Good!
10/10 5/5 Good Luck in The Future

10/5 great game

keep it up =D

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