Reviews for "Green Moon Lab"

Unlike any other game on Newgrounds.

Except maybe that Disorientation one, but this still isn't the same. This game is seriously awesome and wacked out. It does get confusing but you figure it out in the end. Honestly, I don't know why this doesn't have a higher score already.

Awesome work, well done.


that was the best man just i couldnt get the challenges i only got the square one i couldnt do the W one or the spikeball one but best game EVER.

FXcorporation responds:

try again until you get it ;)
my record: 76 31 and 36

To those that cant play the first level...

I had the same exact problem.i would click play and skip the loading screen, and the "play" button wouldn't work. I went to the menu, clicked play (or start game or whatever it says) and skipped the loading screen and then clicked play level again. It worked. Awesome game, great graphics, and since this is your FIRST game, I thought it was awesome, had great concept, and was very addictive. :D Looking forward to more.

Good Job

lol it was just the other day this was underjugment i played it and said to my self this is going on the front page concratz keep up the good work

Good game

Omg really good game and really original, but like some other guy said don't try to look too much like Portal. Your errors: sucurised you have to write it securised and congradulations you have to write it congratulations.

Omg c'est vraiment bon comme jeu, mais comme l'autre gars l'a dit, essaye pas de trop ressembler à Portal.