Reviews for "Green Moon Lab"



wont let me play

well after i press new game and pass the computer part i keep pressing play but nothing happens, then when i go to the main menu the music plays all over again overlapping itself

not bad

Kind of like portal put not so good put its still good

you can tell this is your first flash...

but that doesnt nessacarily mean its a bad game either. this may be your first game but i think they should put more amature games like this on the front page. great game seriously. the only thing i couldve asked for that you didnt have, was maybe make it a little more fast paced. the gravity with the camera switching constantly wouldve been an awesome fast paced idea. good luck on green moon lab 2!

awesome but.

the broken level... i was expecting to be alot harder. i found the challenges to unlock it harder than the actual level.

but overall the game was quite fun.. bit repetetive at time.. but fun (partly repetetive do to me randomly dying and doing whole levels again)