Reviews for "Green Moon Lab"


Nice gravity toying.... Showed it to a friend, and he had to sit down bechose of the Vertigo he felt^^ (dizzyness)
But hey, a whew tips if you are planning number two:
-Make the on-screen area larger, and the dude a bit smaller.
-there isn't really any details anywhere, try to do something about that.
Otherwise: "good" keep it up

Rating: Pretty Good

Game Idea: Good
Gameplay: Fun
Animation: Good
Audio: Great
Music: Good
Game Type: Platform Skill
Comments: A fun platform game with fun in every level
For the Maker: You did great just try to plan out the controls better next time cause I just used walking and jumping also mabe add in some enimies


thisis a pretty good game, but its not one of the best either.


This game it HOT!
Really fun!!!! kept me busy XD

It's a good concept.

It' very good. I like the overall look and feel to it. The graphics are simplistic, but anything else wouldn't have looked as good. My only complaint is, I think your event handler (or whatever it is that handles keypresses), gets overloaded. It's very frustrating timing a jump only to die because I didn't really jump. Other than that, great game. The intro reminds me of Portal. 10/10 & 5/5