Reviews for "Green Moon Lab"

Good Job

lol it was just the other day this was underjugment i played it and said to my self this is going on the front page concratz keep up the good work


Incredibly sweet gameplay!
Only real problem is that sound, its way loud and theres no mute button.

Add a mute button and a sequel :D


i sscrwed up in level 18 ...


Nice little experiment, especially if the camera rotation is turned off. I'd take it a step further though. Changing the controls to something less basic, such as using the mouse, make the graphics a bit more interesting and mess around even more with gameplay mechanics.

PS: No-one likes to carry giant-ass batteries around, especially if there's no animation of you carrying it.


It's basically like shift's concept only with a tighter screenshot, color, worse animation in my opinion, less plot, less challenge, and worse levels. I didn't find it enjoyable once I got stuck on a level and couldn't restart the level. Seems common sense to put those in and if there is a keystroke that does it, I didn't see it in the instructions.