Reviews for "CLAB - Senator vs Gasmasq"

at the first i didn´t know what was going on.
but then.... fucking magic.
Senator Rulez, but Gasmasq... Wooowwww blow my fucking mind..... and then a gun shot, really nice, (en el lugar justo xD).
very very very nice track...
perfect flow. (i wish i can rap...)
anyways, perfect song!!!!

My vote goes to Gas. More puns... Atleast ones i could understand xD
But i still love you Senator :D

Gas to proceed

After some careful thought and deliberation, I'm going to have to give this one to Klazik Nadi. Just better punches, stayed on beat, and had more presence throughout. Great battle though. Another Nadi bodybag.

Oh my god...

I can fucking feel the anger between both...

As for the vote, I love both of you guys, you know that. This battle was close as fuck. Both had mess ups here and there. What it comes down to for me, is the clarity. Sorry John, but i couldnt understand a lot of your lines, I'm sure they were dope as hell, but i can't vote for what i can't hear. Gas delivered his verses much more clearly for me, even though he seemed to struggle a little.

So that's really all it boils down to for me, otherwise, this shit is a tie. And one of the most heated battles i've heard yet. Actually makes me wish i entered...sooo thanks for the motivation for next year fellas.

Vote goes to Gas.


SJD to advance came in to hard and took total control. took only won listen! yall guys need to replace your shat head phones great battle all together tobad tho i wanted to see gas win it all this year