Reviews for "Sunbathing Seaman"

The textures on the sexy, six eyed, tall drink of water are lovely. Love the contrast of colors and the subject matter make me want to know what is going on.

I'm making up my own story, btw. Man on beach has been in a unrequited love with three-legs (heh) and has decided the best way to tell him (Her? It? Them?) was to crash his boat into his house (probably drunkenly) and profess undying love. The man on the beach is missing a boombox over his head. He will probably be rejected, which is a bummer because the boat was his ride home.... Piss Poor Planning.

Praising the sun

Beautiful work. Masterful blending of colors. Love the Lovecraft-esque creature as well.

*Tom Cruise with alien invaders intensifies*