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Reviews for "2nd Annual Tank Awards"

Good choices.

It's a shame Adam Phillips didn't release another Brackenwood Story, otherwise he would have undoubtablly won best flash of the year. Oh well

Didn't match my predictions for the winners

But I love being surprised and it's nice some of the more unique and non-series animations won. Sure FPA was a sequel but it wasn't a long running thing like Blockhead or Madness.

I enjoyed Tom hearing what Tom does after gabbing off at awards ceremonies.

The over-the-top audience type thing was great aswell.

Dubya Tee Eeif?

Ohmgad Roffehl Lawlzer


I was suprised to not see people such as Weebl, Egoraptor, PivotRJ, Or Eddsworld be on the top flash animations. They get many more views then anything on this.

I personally didn't know ANY of the games or flash movies (Fancy pants is now on 2? brb)

I love Castle crashers mainly for the songs, Im glad Jumper (Or whatever that name is, Im kinda forgetting today) won. :D. But there is some really good creators out there who do a much better job then that (Such as DJ Nate and B0UNC3), That could use the recognition.

Overall, The selections were on things not many people know about, But fair.

Good Choices!

I'm not at all surprised by the choices that have been made to win the 2nd Annual Tank Awards...
The presentation was great Tom! Pretty funny stuff dude...

And P.S.
This video wanted to make me contribute to Newgrounds by buying a poster!
x) Keep it up!