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Reviews for "2nd Annual Tank Awards"


GJ everyone!


nice photo food123


i clap alot :|

Ahhh... maybe you will

I mean deleting my acc. Anyway not sure where to start, think i have to watch it 1 more time just in case... wtf is wrong with that adv. can't i watch it again? :/
You couldn't act more gay could you (gay as for stupid, not that you are homosexual) I can see it was intentionally, but I feel stupid for just thinking of this... My only criticism is the 'acting'. I bet if you asked someone or some people to do the presentation for you it would have been better. Sry I never thought it will come to this... Robot day I'll miss you T_T (even though we never met)
P.S. Listing the nominees in the comment would have been great


The ending was a bit random.