Reviews for "2nd Annual Tank Awards"


i would have had tom say "oh and dont forget... the beard will devour you" at the end :P


Brilliant use of creativity and the sort of humor expected from Newgrounds. Tom Fulp is so awkward he's cute.

Much like a....newborn kitten. o.o

gold baby!!!

tjis was to sweet


I enjoyed that flash animators and newgrounds musicians are getting their own awards videos. Howerver I wish there were some direct links to evry nomination and award winner. Other than that, great job.

MindChamber responds:

thats a great Idea, I will definitely do that for next time.

It was a Well Presented Video

I'm going to say right away that I am not at all happy about the outcome of the awards, but I can't change that so I'm not here to talk about those submissions and would like to say how well made this movie was, congratulations on being different and actually making an effort to make the tank awards a special and intense time for everyone.