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Reviews for "2nd Annual Tank Awards"


Loved the multiple endings btw, very good.
Gutted that Pandemic didn't even make the final cut though, was addicted to that once upon a time.
It felt like watching the baftas, only a million times better xD

Congrats to the winners!

I was kinda hoping There She Is would win the movie awards... but its such a shame that it didn't, lol oh well, congratulations to all the winners, you're all very talented people!! keep up the great work!!


i would have had tom say "oh and dont forget... the beard will devour you" at the end :P


Brilliant use of creativity and the sort of humor expected from Newgrounds. Tom Fulp is so awkward he's cute.

Much like a....newborn kitten. o.o

gold baby!!!

tjis was to sweet