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Reviews for "Rihanna's Revenge"

To short

Its to short and doesn't let u like really hurt him

Not very good...

The game is pointless, but on top of that I can't even finish because an add for the person that made this website poped up and won't go away.

not good I give it a 2/10

stupid game

This game is retarded. Nothing even happens if you get his life down all the way, so why the hell do you even have it there? His face doesn't get any more damage after the first 3 punches, he dodges erratically, and the ending is just a stupid screen, the sound effects are annoying and repetitive, the controls are choppy, you can uppercut and punch at the same time, he doesn't fight back... the list goes on.

Aside from everything in this game that is crappy, the animations are well drawn. But overall, in this type of game you are supposed to actually to be able to win, not just get a stupid score.

eh pretty lame

I dont see all the hype, its the same motion over and over again "punch punch punch, super punch" the only reason it made me bother to hit him was that there was a timer. Combos just seemed to go by from what sequence i punched him in. either all lefts, all rights or left and right etc.

besides i dont see why anyone cares, Rihanna got it coming to her.


All you do is hit a dude with a stupid hat on. Wow. What a waste of my time. I don't even think half the people here care about what happened between Chris and Rihanna. Wow. Try a different genre maybe? Remember, this is only my opinion.