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Reviews for "Rihanna's Revenge"

Great Artwork!

How do I say this without being mean? Ummm IT SUCKS! lol (not to be harsh). the problems with it was that it was unplayable and it got repetative, and boring. The artwork was great though! Keep it up! :)


I agree it was ponitless. And the controls to fight weren't directed.

Very poor

So you steal the coding of one of the hundreds of boxing games on NG, remove the enemy's AI, and put a healthbar in there that does absolutely nothing.
This is the most lazy thing an NG contributor has ever done, and does not deserve more than a 3/10, considering your only effort was to put some new graphics in someone else's work.

Not very good...

The game is pointless, but on top of that I can't even finish because an add for the person that made this website poped up and won't go away.

not good I give it a 2/10


All you do is hit a dude with a stupid hat on. Wow. What a waste of my time. I don't even think half the people here care about what happened between Chris and Rihanna. Wow. Try a different genre maybe? Remember, this is only my opinion.