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Reviews for "Rihanna's Revenge"

Utterly pointless

I actually found this a tad sadistic, making a game due to the fact that a somewhat idolized singer got beaten up by a thug!!!
As for the game, it was quite hard, surely Chris Brown wouldn't last that long and wouldn't be able to take that many punches?!?!?!


A big news story comes out and you just make a game on it - it's pointless and it's not even fun :/

"marius-vanrhijn" has it correct

He spoke pretty much spot-on as to what I thought of it, so I'll just quote him:

"So you steal the coding of one of the hundreds of boxing games on NG, remove the enemy's AI, and put a healthbar in there that does absolutely nothing.
This is the most lazy thing an NG contributor has ever done, and does not deserve more than a 3/10, considering your only effort was to put some new graphics in someone else's work."

i agree with Xadyu

it's not fighting if they don't fight back so if you decide to make another make them fight back

plus add some combos i got bored with the left right thing


Good looking but boring and WAY too hard. It could be therapeutic for Rihanna though!