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Reviews for "Rihanna's Revenge"

i have mixed feelings

i only gave you a score for the artwork which was not bad. however, this game, while seemingly empowering, is just insulting. what it's saying is that violence is justified, which only underscores what hundreds of critics of this situation have been saying to defend brown, which is that maybe she provoked him (and even if he did, there's no excuse for his actions). also, you seem to be making fun of her for reconciling with him with your "true luv" satire at the end of the game, and for that you clearly don't know what it means to be a victim. staying is always easier than leaving when fear is involved. likewise, your inclusion of a link to a domestic abuse website is just condescending. you can't make fun of an abusive relationship by making a game of how you think rihanna should react, and then include a link for help. rectifying violence with more violence, and including a link to stop violence is contradictory and counterproductive.

there. you all got a much needed lecture on violence.


i dont know, kinda' reminds you the kevin federline game where you have to actually knock him out against this game that here you cant even knock chris out and that feature kinda' sucks...



Stuff like this gets featured on newgrounds? I could understand if it were related to some flash as on pogo.com.... But featured on newgrounds?

I'm better off playing a decent game on armor games...

"marius-vanrhijn" has it correct

He spoke pretty much spot-on as to what I thought of it, so I'll just quote him:

"So you steal the coding of one of the hundreds of boxing games on NG, remove the enemy's AI, and put a healthbar in there that does absolutely nothing.
This is the most lazy thing an NG contributor has ever done, and does not deserve more than a 3/10, considering your only effort was to put some new graphics in someone else's work."

i agree with Xadyu

it's not fighting if they don't fight back so if you decide to make another make them fight back

plus add some combos i got bored with the left right thing