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Reviews for "Rihanna's Revenge"

Does anybody remember K-Fed Dancing with Fire?

I remember that game. Good damn game. Funny too. I Granted, it was made by the NG head honchos. Still, I was hoping this would be somewhat similar. But no, it's a piece of poo. Oh well.

Needs work

I tried this cause it reminded me of the K-fed beat up game. This needed alot of work. Took me a while to figure out what was going on.
So I finally realized its a button masher. I kept trying to reduce Chris browns life bar. I had to constantly press left and right buttons and uppercut button immediatly. That was a pain. I finally reduced his Health bar to nothing but nothing happened. He didnt get knocked out or fall down or anything. So what was the point? You should of added something for the end. A bit more creativity in the fighting would have been good too.


I give it 5 stars, the reasons it even got that high is because i've always wanted to punch chris brown in the face other then that is was boring and to repetive

dude listen up.

It was a good concept but it failed because

1. every time you got close to killing him it said true luv. WTF was that.

2. Don't you think that Chris would fight back.

3. Finally, it just was boring but a good time waster.

But it was an ok game.

Uppercut is rubbish

i was auctually expecting some kind of brilliant supermove for the uppercut but its auctually really rubbish as Zakkur says