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Reviews for "Rihanna's Revenge"

good graphics but...

when a game is this short even with good graphics you can only expect to see at at a 3, without more depth you just are not gunna get a higher score.


The game isn't the best but its not the worst. It's a simple use of left and right punches without any change or combo, for future reference, add uppercuts and low hits, and a better special than a uppercut.

not bad

a little too easy for my taste but not bad would be funner if you got hit back

Needs some work, but good.

These are my opinions:

Instructions & Goals should be listed somewhere. I wasn't even told was exactly I was doing and why, and what the count down represents.

It needs some type of music. Lack of control put me in this situation:

When I pressed the right button, I was scared to death from the loud sound; that said, music will provide some relief from that perching sound.

Suggestion: Maybe include a Chris Brown song that deals with domestic violence, or how much he loves a girl (the irony would be awesome).

Was alright.

Liked the pic at the end.