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Reviews for "Rihanna's Revenge"

need more games like this

Chris Brown is an ugly ass guy. I thought that before I found out that he beat Rihanna. now i'm not a fan of Rihanna, but Chris Brown needs to die *as well as ANY person who beats their spouse* , plain and simple, and this game gives me a slight amount of satisfaction.

Combo system was all right, got about a 6x combo, but my advice is to make him twice as weak. I was constantly beating him, and he only got down to a little more than half health. Other than that, a nice game, and kudos on having a link about domestic violence.

7/10, 3/5


tru luv with both their faces messed up LOL

we all know domestic violence is no joke but its..

...not a crime to make fun of it....
i dont think of it as something serious. just another game. its funny how your keeping up with current events and such. hahaha so funny. but sadly i hate these kind of fighting games so i give it a 7. good graphix though


It amazes me at how ignorant people can be. I doubt this person stole the code from other submissions because any smart artist would know to protect the file from import when they exported it. But yeah, if you have never worked in flash, don't act like you know so much about it. This game was not stolen, and for heaven's sake, this was just to make a point, not a really fun, interactive game. Give the person some credit for even considering making something like this for the Newgrounds community, because without these people, there is no Newgrounds.