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Reviews for "Rihanna's Revenge"


t was just nice to see Chris Brown get his ass whipped that way and though you couldn't defeat him due to the time limit it was still fun to punch the hell out of him and i also liked the super uppercut,overall i enjoyed this little game. =)


This games reminds me of old newgrounds. Making fun of dramatic pop culture events in non-harmful flash animations. Even though its short, it still gives a huge amount of satisfaction. Awesome job! (People who give this game 0s because its making fun of the event are lame)

haha really fun :D

My GF is a huge fan of chris brown.. wonder if she likes this :P

blast from the past

thanks for the nostalgia, it has been awhile since newgrounds had anything like the old assassin stuff up.

I'm a fan of Beyonce

Please do ME and every fan of Beyonce a favor - make the same game BUT with beyonce beating rihanna or anyone else beating rihanna no offence if you're rihanna's fan. Anyway, graphics are cool.9/10, cause I hate rihanna ;)