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Reviews for "Rihanna's Revenge"

haha she wins shame though

well i thought it deserves a nine I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thought


Don't really care about Rihanna or Chris Brown but since it entertain me I'll give a 9 also for the graphics. Don't know whats everyone's big deal about this flash but its a joke. A big joke like Bush Show Throwing, making fun of religion and etc. Even if it made fun of my religion I'll take it as a joke so there is no big deal about this Rihanna flash as all of it are of course and will always be, A SHORT BIG JOKE.

Btw:- Nice Flash^^


i realy liked desroying chris brown face i bet rihana would realy like this game lol

kick his ass !!!!!!!



i got 23376!!! this was a kewl game. hey btw i heard he bit her ear off?