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Reviews for "Rihanna's Revenge"


Is there an option ot punch both?

now make one where you can punch rihanna

it wasnt all bad but i wanna punch rihanna, not chris. rihanna is just a record boss made "superstar".

Eh, It's OK

Not that great good to play once, but a bit gay.

need more games like this

Chris Brown is an ugly ass guy. I thought that before I found out that he beat Rihanna. now i'm not a fan of Rihanna, but Chris Brown needs to die *as well as ANY person who beats their spouse* , plain and simple, and this game gives me a slight amount of satisfaction.

Combo system was all right, got about a 6x combo, but my advice is to make him twice as weak. I was constantly beating him, and he only got down to a little more than half health. Other than that, a nice game, and kudos on having a link about domestic violence.

7/10, 3/5

Just Celebrity Bashing...meh

This wasn't that interesting at all. The combo stuff was all that great in my opinion. Although getting to punch Chris Brown in his dumb face was very satisfying. Graphics were real good too.

Just pretty boring is all.