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Reviews for "Rihanna's Revenge"


Fun game!

Needs some work, but good.

These are my opinions:

Instructions & Goals should be listed somewhere. I wasn't even told was exactly I was doing and why, and what the count down represents.

It needs some type of music. Lack of control put me in this situation:

When I pressed the right button, I was scared to death from the loud sound; that said, music will provide some relief from that perching sound.

Suggestion: Maybe include a Chris Brown song that deals with domestic violence, or how much he loves a girl (the irony would be awesome).

Pretty good

But as others have said, he's too strong. He loses power too slowly. You either need to fix that, or give us more time. Come on, I wanna knock the SOB out. I'd also like to knock her out, so if theres a V2, can you make that happen too? :)

he was aledege to beat

her again he beat her again

Not bad

Preety good , I kinda liked it , quite fun , it's just kind of dull !