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Reviews for "Rihanna's Revenge"


i thought it would be beter...


Don't really care about Rihanna or Chris Brown but since it entertain me I'll give a 9 also for the graphics. Don't know whats everyone's big deal about this flash but its a joke. A big joke like Bush Show Throwing, making fun of religion and etc. Even if it made fun of my religion I'll take it as a joke so there is no big deal about this Rihanna flash as all of it are of course and will always be, A SHORT BIG JOKE.

Btw:- Nice Flash^^

To short

Its to short and doesn't let u like really hurt him

I don't care how much work was put into this....

...you're no better than the press. It's all just lies and/or twisted facts. Besides, even if it is true, still nothing to laugh about. Sorry it just didn't cut it for me as much as I love Rihanna as an artist. People may say I have no sense of humor, but there's a difference between humor, and sick jokes. Not trying to be offensive, I'm being honest. This is just insulting and an immature way to look at the situation like those freakin pop up adds that promote heartless jokes...


its not getting a ten because i found a way to continue my combo after an upercut so i thought i could kill him orsomehing but when i got down to 0 health or whatever it just slowly went back up