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Reviews for "Rihanna's Revenge"

Great Artwork!

How do I say this without being mean? Ummm IT SUCKS! lol (not to be harsh). the problems with it was that it was unplayable and it got repetative, and boring. The artwork was great though! Keep it up! :)


I have no problem with mocking the whole Chris Brown thing... but at least make it well done. This was shitty and completely unplayable.


NOTE TO AUTHOR: 10 year olds should not be allowed to write flash script. if you wrote this script and you in your thirties, you need to be locked up for good. if your anywhere in between 10 and 30 you should rethink your life strategy.


You should be able to kill him... or at least knock him out. Otherwise it's entertaining.


Wow, how did this make front page?... So stupid.