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Reviews for "Rihanna's Revenge"


i realy liked desroying chris brown face i bet rihana would realy like this game lol


tru luv with both their faces messed up LOL


im sure rihana wishs she could of done that for real lol XD

Does anybody remember K-Fed Dancing with Fire?

I remember that game. Good damn game. Funny too. I Granted, it was made by the NG head honchos. Still, I was hoping this would be somewhat similar. But no, it's a piece of poo. Oh well.


This is the tamest "Mature" game I've ever seen on Newgrounds. There's no real strategy to playing this, the uppercut is useless, it gets repetitive after roughly 5 seconds, and it's interesting to play for probably less than that amount of time. I just find it really uncreative as a whole.

I'm probably being way, WAY too generous giving this a 2, but whatever.