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Reviews for "Rihanna's Revenge"


A big news story comes out and you just make a game on it - it's pointless and it's not even fun :/


i dont know, kinda' reminds you the kevin federline game where you have to actually knock him out against this game that here you cant even knock chris out and that feature kinda' sucks...


It was on the Meh side

and as for people saying that Rihanna may have deserved it, there's no excuse for beating a woman. I don't care if it's sounds sexist, but a little bit of chivalry exhibited by a role model goes a long way. Especially since the next generation (ages 8-18) is retarded.


I enjoty these "World Event OMGWTF LYK OMG" games, but the only problem is that factions of both that think rihanna or chris or both deserved it. So take caution next time you upload this kinds of stuff but for the game it got boring after a while. I mean cmon! only 3 punches? If it's a satrical game atleast make it funny.

Pretty Cool Time Waster

Sort of reminds me of the old 90's Newgrounds - Assassin : When there were just random short flashes composed of beating up celebrities or murdering them with excessive violence in poor taste. Hmmmm.... Except if this were 90's newgrounds, it would be the other way around; you would be Chris Brown beating up Rhinna. That is why I gave you a 9/10. If you're going to make fun of something, really make fun of it. Heh... Oh well, I don't know if Chris Brown could help what had happened. That's no excuse for what he did, beating up people is awful, unless they deserve it. But I mean, I can understand the scenario: he found out she gave him herpes and he got superhuman strength briefly and took the breath out of her and beat her with her umbrella ella ella ella, hey, hey. No matter, she'll be back on the pop charts soon with her new single "Herpes hurts."