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Reviews for "Rihanna's Revenge"


What a concept, just the LOL factor of this game gets you a good score from me. The next time some celebrity does something stupid.... which is a lot..... hopefully you'll make another game


good graphics, boring as hell and how dare you try to teach me anything in a game!!!!!

You guys don't get it

This game isin't trying to make fun of either of them. The reason that you can't kill Chris Brown is that this gsme is trying to warn people about domestic violence.

well well well......

all i can say is it was boring......i think its cool they put it on for a time waster but all in all not that fun....could have used chris fighting back and an actual ending

dude listen up.

It was a good concept but it failed because

1. every time you got close to killing him it said true luv. WTF was that.

2. Don't you think that Chris would fight back.

3. Finally, it just was boring but a good time waster.

But it was an ok game.