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Reviews for "Rihanna's Revenge"

Actually in real life Rihanna got back with Chris

This is hardly revenge is it?

Maybe if you made a beatem up to kill Rihanna, it would have been more funny.

But I suppose the feminist mangina slave to women thing wouldn't let you.

a message to all gamers

if you like games dont play this one boing and pointless there should be a difficuly setting and chris should at least fight back


it was to easy...i agree..no real replay value


Not really entertaining. Animations were good, but this has no replay value. Guess that's why you did not have a "Play Again" button at the end of it, huh?

eh pretty lame

I dont see all the hype, its the same motion over and over again "punch punch punch, super punch" the only reason it made me bother to hit him was that there was a timer. Combos just seemed to go by from what sequence i punched him in. either all lefts, all rights or left and right etc.

besides i dont see why anyone cares, Rihanna got it coming to her.