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Reviews for "Pixtropolis City"


Awesome job, folks. It was like a nostalgia trip, with a 21st century twist. =)

Mexifry responds:

Thanks man! :)

Classic Pixel-age!

I loved it! Keep up the good work!

Mexifry responds:


Sucks Dick

I didnt like teh pixolz

Mexifry responds:

It had pixel in the name.
Why the hell did you watch it then?? :l

Awesome Flash...

wrenchmasterclank15 Said:
The fact that you used not one but TWO of Paragon's songs made it even better, seeing as how he's pretty much a music god here.
Lol He Said Wrong. ParagonX9 IS FEMALE.

Back To The Movie. Awesome Animation (And The Fact That It All Was In Pixels Made It Even Greater.), Awesome Music. Awesome Artist, Awesome Eveything.
Awesome Epic. DO I Need TO Say More?

Mexifry responds:

Thank you!

Actually, just because you have a picture of a girl on your profile, doesn't mean that that person is a girl.

Oney did the same thing. :P


One of the best pixel movies i've ever seen!

Mexifry responds:

Aww... Thanks! :]