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Reviews for "Pixtropolis City"

Review time!

+1 for ParagonX9
+5 For the great idea
+1 for Jimtopia's part
+3 for evrything!


Concludes this was the greatest.

Mexifry responds:

Thank You! :D

Pretty good

Reminded me more of a SNES game. Pretty good. I liked it a lot.

Good points:-
Loved the idea of a pixalated city.
The music was awesome
The animation was smooth
The scene changing was very well done
The story lines were great!

Bad points:-
Was a bit too fast paced in some places

Overall:- I am giving you 9/10 stars and voting 5

Well done


Mexifry responds:



It's always great to watch a collab with these authors on them. You guys are pretty good with flash. :)

~ Animation/Graphics ~

The pixel style is really a good look. Messy of course, but that's the style that I'm talking about. Kind of gives you the really old video game type feeling. Everyone here has a different style within the pixel style, which makes it interesting to watch.

~ Story/Content ~

The scenes that I enjoyed the most were the darker scenes. The ones that were at night and were packed full of action. I could really see a flash series made mainly about a dark city and crime with this kind of style.

The Pico scene would probably have to be one of my favorites. Angel did a good job on that one. The suicide scene by Jimtopia was pretty well detailed. I wish he would have shown a little bit of the falling though.

I'm not going to sit here and comment on every scene just because I don't have enough time or room in the review space, but for the most part the scenes were packed full of action and fun to watch.

~ Audio ~

It sounded great without sound effects and was it synced up really well with the audio that you used. I was impressed with how the timing with the audio was so good in this submission. It really fit well.

~ Overall ~

A great style done by good artists with interesting scenes full of action. Worth a watch if you haven't seen it.

~ Review Request Club ~

Mexifry responds:

Thank you Corky!

awesome graphics

looks like SNES do

Mexifry responds:

haha thanks! :D

Like the song but not the video

The video was just random but nice choice of music so 9/10 would do

Mexifry responds: