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Reviews for "Pixtropolis City"

Thats really good

I really enjoyed watching that, the music went nicely and the movie was interesting and had a strong retro theme to it. Did enjoy well all of it really and i'm going to be looking at more of the work you guys have done and if you havent made another collab or something like this yet then i think you should! :)

Mexifry responds:

Thanks man!


I like the retro-style!
And sometimes the animations works perfect with the music!
Good Work!

Mexifry responds:

Thank you! :D


Well I liked some parts. Some parts were very choppy and looked strange a lot of the characters looked weird... not well thought out. But overall each artist had its own flaws and epic parts.

Good work!

Mexifry responds:

Thanks man!

Very well made.

I am suprised this does not have a higher score, this collaboration was excellently put together. I like the concept of the collab and everyone did a really good job, I liked YoungAndWise and Lesjuh's pieces the best. The animation looked awesome in its pixelated form, I also thought each of the author comments were funny. Overall, it was an entertaining collab with great music. Kwwp up the great work you guys!

Mexifry responds:

Haha Thanks!

Hmm old school look.

I like it umm. What flash program did you user for it?

Ps. I vote 10/10 5/5 make more soon.

Mexifry responds:


i use AdobeFlash CS3 and the Pixel Tools 2.0 Plugin in flash.

Look it up. :)