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Reviews for "Pixtropolis City"

Awesome :)

I agree with many others, the entertainment was weak.
It would have been fantastic if there was some kind of story,
or one particular theme (other than pixel art).
But, I do have to give you credit for the pixel art
because I'd go crazy trying to work like that.
Awesome job and keep up the patience :P
I look forward to seeing more entertaining work

Mexifry responds:

I did make one called the Pixelmas Shorts.
I think you would like that. :D

Unique in itself!

Well, the entertainment value for that was...weak. I was not at all entertained :/. However what amazed me is the amount of different ways pixel flash movies can be interpretted by different creators. Each on was pretty much unique in design.

Mexifry responds:

Im glad you kinda liked it.
I'll put it a little more on the entertainment side next time.


Im sorry but, there werent nothing that maded some sense with the song.
and i think i've seen a shitty animator. nope it'z not u fawx.
nice try, but failure.

Mexifry responds:

There is nothing that made some sense with your shitty grammar. ;)


i wish i could buy the music! it was very well made! instantly favorited. and also the artwork and kinda randomlike story was very cool! this was definantly not a waste of time

Mexifry responds:

Under the author's credits you can get the song for free. ;)

Wow, you amazed me...all of you...

I bet this was very hard to make
and dezerves an 10/10 rating!

Mexifry responds:

Thank you!