Reviews for "CTwo-SK (Acid Paradox Re)"

I totally agree with the first reviewer, this is a great remix of two, rather clashing, genres of music, and you pulled it off like a BOSS! This is so beautiful, I'm downloading it just to keep me in suspense until you release the full version!

5/5 5 Stars Fav Downlaod
Instant Awesome

As always you never let me down :D And another Success! I love it :)

Perfectly Arabic AP. I can't wait to see what comes out! This has a very good reflection of Arabic music.

You managed to retain a full dose of filth and maintain an Arabic tone at the same time; that is awesome. Normally, I don't like electronic songs with a foreign feel to them, but this is most certainly an exception.

Needless to say, I can't wait until this full track is released. Great style, epic drops, good job! :D

This is...
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Seriously dude. Your dubstep is just too unique, I will stick to you for a while.
I am not gonna lie, I even began to dance when I heard the furtherst part of it. Good thing is that I am a dancer and not some random nerd :V.
I also laughed at beggining. "RECEIVE THE VICTORY IN YOUR HEAD! And... You will receive HEAD! *DUUUUUM!*"

Dude, nothing to give critics to. What a shame. BUT I WILL FIND SOMETHING WHEN THE TRACK IS FULLY RELEASED, I PROMISE! >:C

Now serious.
This track, even if it's just a review deserves a golden 5.
RATE: 5, Review: 5.

I am really waiting for the full version to come out. It will be goddamn sick!

Acid-Paradox responds:

lol you are a nerd