Reviews for "CTwo-SK (Acid Paradox Re)"

As always you never let me down :D And another Success! I love it :)

I totally agree with the first reviewer, this is a great remix of two, rather clashing, genres of music, and you pulled it off like a BOSS! This is so beautiful, I'm downloading it just to keep me in suspense until you release the full version!

5/5 5 Stars Fav Downlaod
Instant Awesome

I have never seen or heard "Silent Killer", but this is amazing! I loved the Asian feel to it, and how you combined two of the most opposite forms of music (Asian and Dubstep) and made a song that makes sense. I could see this in a Japanese street fighter game, especially from 0:37 on.

What software did you use to make this? If you used FL Studio, then HOW DID YOU DO THAT??

Acid-Paradox responds:

This is more Arabic rather than asian.

I always like to imagine desert ninjas everytime i hear this track.